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An elaborate gate opens and closes through 180°, rapidly and repeatedly. Colliding with the wall at each end of its trajectory. Like a metaphor of imprisonment, this work by Shilpa Gupta does all it can to break its bonds and so, at all costs, find a way through the walls surrounding it through 360° – twice its normal capacity for movement. This is a gate whose incessant coming and going forces the viewer to get out of the way too, so as to avoid being struck by it. From order to chaos, from logic to mockery, from security to disorder, from imprisonment to freedom – Gupta’s works bring a disturbing eye to bear on our world’s technological progress. Born in India, the artist also analyses the variations in her country’s border on a map and studies the windings of queues in its metropolises; thus do her works delve into human imagination and desire.
Shilpa GUPTA
Sans titre, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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