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At MACLyon in 2002 Sarkis showed "Le monde est illisible, mon coeur si", an exhibition in three successive scenes, which took up all the available space – 1,200 square metres. Each scene had a different title, the first being "La Brûlure", with early Sarkis works; the second, "L’Espace de musique", came permeated with the Morton Feldman composition "Crippled Symmetry", while precious 18th–20th century kilims covered all the works. The third, "L’Ouverture", was a forum – an empty space from which the works and the kilims had disappeared; in their place an enormous pipe ran round the room, blowing in air from outside with the attendant natural sound effects. In the centre newspapers from all over the world were blown about by the hot/cold air coming from the pipe. These three scenes were composed like a musical work, using three scores which the artist can either reinterpret or entrust for their execution to a third party.
Sarkis is re-performing his piece for the Biennale, retaining the original stained glass windows that accompanied it, but modifying their size and number and adding the works "Eclair et tonnerre", The "Drama of the K"., "Rêve du jour et de la nuit du peintre en bâtiment" and "Le Son des quatre lumières colorées à l’arrivée". All of these artworks belong to MACLyon. This "new" work is also a forum: throughout the Biennale a programme drawn up by the artist and Veduta/Biennale de Lyon will be inviting orators, musicians, researchers and DJs to do their thing in a crisscrossing of all their messages. Called "L’Ouverture" ("The Opening"),
L'ouverture, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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