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Ceausescu press in Romania, Dan Perjovschi now leaves his mordant little images on the walls of museums and art centres. With a few lines and words he points up – in a totally relaxed way – the big questions facing us today: the distribution of wealth, globalisation, the art market, climate change. A single stroke turns a group of skyscrapers into a village complete with clocktower, and a single word turns the meaning of a drawing around. Perjovschi’s material comes from the contradictions in contemporary discourse, the random oversimplifications of the world we live in, and complexity denied by reduction to mere antithesis: white/black, rich/poor, right/wrong, etc. Black board, white chalk: the fragility of this artist’s drawings heightens the natural volatility of his view of society.

With the support of Haulotte France / With the support of Lombard-Freid Projects, New York; The Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris

The everyday drawings 1, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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An unforgettable evening

Biennale de Lyon evening events:
a spirit of discovery and originality

Une soirée inoubliable

The Biennale offers all companies a way to surprise their guests with an exceptional evening event blending art and gourmet food.
The Biennale's evening events are for companies seeking a novel setting for prestigious public-relations operations - playing host to special clients, launching a new product or celebrating a milestone, for instance.

Holding a private evening event at the Biennale means:

Teaming with a prestigious, must-see cultural event
Giving meaning to your public relations by offering an experience of sharing and original discovery
Engaging with a compelling, high-quality artistic project, courtesy of dedicated mediators
The privilege of touring the Biennale at venues dedicated exclusively to your event
Enjoying a dedicated cocktail area in new restaurant La Rue Le Bec
The assurance of receiving a customised "turnkey" service

These organisations trust us to deliver

Algoé Exécutive, AMO, Austrian Airlines, Audiovisit, La Banque Rhône-Alpes, Le Cabinet Maât, La Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, DDB Nouveau Monde, Duvel, Ethika-Sens, Le Groupe Eurofactor, GFC Construction, La Caisse d'Epargne, IBM, La Lyonnaise de Banque, Only Lyon, Le Groupe Pitance, Renault Trucks, Rhône-Alpes Entreprendre, RTE, Sodexo Santé, Le Sytral, Toupargel...

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Justine Belot
Biennale private events and partnerships coordinator

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