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When shown the Bichat Warehouse, Pedro Cabrita Reis initially wanted to fill it up with building materials, mainly the prestressed concrete used for large-scale building projects. But then, struck by the possibilities of a structure long left to its own devices and bearing the marks of a function lost forever – first an arsenal, then a garage until fire swept through it in the 1980s – the artist opted for a much more minimalist agenda. Approaching the site as a readymade, he has turned it into a light-space delineated by industrial neons that react to the weather and the shifts between night and day. What we see is the warehouse interior warts and all – beauty/ugliness, solids/voids – with strips of light floating in the air, others on the floor, still others hanging strangely out of kilter. Also created specifically for the Biennale is Cabrita Reis’s “Le Bureau”, housed in a building next to La Sucrière.
Les Dormeurs, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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L'Entrepôt Bichat
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Customised guided tours will run throughout the Biennale at La Sucrière and the Museum of Contemporary Art, tailored to audiences ranging from the last year of nursery school up to higher education.
These experiences allow real interaction between group and mediator.
The discovery trails are devised to sharpen the eye, awaken sensibilities and hone the critical faculties, while exploring the latest work and developments on the contemporary-art scene.

Visites scolaires

Cycle 2 / cycle 3 tours

Duration: 1hr
Price: €50 (per group of 15 children maximum)
"Biennale /Petitart" rate: depending on number of activities chosen

Information meeting for primary-school teachers
To book,
call: +33 (0)4 72 82 13 05.
Wednesday 30 September
2pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art
4.30pm at La Sucrière

Tours for secondary-school and higher-education students

Price: €70 (per group of 25 students maximum)
Secondary-school students pay with their M'ra card

Information meeting for secondary-school and higher-education teachers
To book,
call: +33 (0)4 72 82 13 05.
Wednesday 30 September
2pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art
4.30pm at La Sucrière

For primary-school pupils...

The Biennale is partnering with the Petitart association to offer a four-part "contemporary art" module, dispensed at the Biennale and in the classroom.
It aims to familiarise pupils with contemporary art through the discovery of an international exhibition (with workshop and education pack), combined with fun and educational activities in the classroom.

For more details, click here

For upper secondary-school pupils...

A Soprano call for projects has been launched to culture clubs across the Rhône-Alpes region. For more details, contact the education department (see details below) or go to the Rhône Alpes Regional Council website.

Book now!

+33 (0)4 72 82 13 05

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our tours for children


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