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Extremely sensitive to the nature of the invisible bonds governing intra-community rituals, Katerina Seda invents the rules of a social game that influences human relationships or renders them more overtly poignant. For the Biennale she undertook a work in association with the people of the village of Uhyst, in northern Germany: the goal being to give an account of, or rather to recreate – i.e. invent – the behaviours and other components that make up the spirit of Uhyst. For Seda this meant acting on the village’s environment and imagery – its park, manor house and lake – but also delving into its complex history and the tourism- and culture-inflected development that mark it today. This project is part of UEBER TAGE_09. Kunstprojekte fur das Lausitzer Seenland/ABOVE AROUND. Art projects for the Lusatian Lake District (Saxony/Germany) curated by Susanne Altmann.
Katerina SEDA
The Spirit of Uhyst, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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