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Little did Laura Genz realise, when she began her first drawings at the Trade Union Centre on Rue Charlot in Paris on 7 May 2008, that she would still be doing them now. These are scenes of reality: portraits, characters, stances, groups – the everyday. Her drawings are of the struggle by the "Sans Papiers" – undocumented immigrants – for dignity and recognition of their rights, and of their occupation of the Trade Union Centre. With reproductions being sold for the benefit of those involved, the drawings embody, like a kind of war-reporting, those moments that mechanically obtained images could never capture with the same intensity. Created from one day to the next and shown in the porch of the building, they provide an account of the long days of the sit-in. This is a story of solidarity, hope and resistance whose ultimate outcome remains unknown since the occupiers were forcibly evicted by the owners on 24 June 2009. At the Biennale Laura Genz is showing the drawings that accompany Elif Karakartal and Leonardo Pérez’s film "Les Invisibles de la Bourse" and its dramatic telling of a story ignored by the media.
Laura GENZ et la CSP75
Les Journées de la Bourse occupée, 2008-2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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Fondation Bullukian
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