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The recent economic/political crisis in the French territory of Guadeloupe saw the birth of a new adjective for non-continental French citizens: ultramarin, which means "beyond the sea". Linguistically irreproachable, the term nonetheless conjures up in a singularly archaic way a mysterious, frightening Other, as if in a time-warp return to the age of Christopher Columbus. Thierry Fontaine comes to grips with the issue in posters, photographs and advertising pieces: here seven photographs of his performances and his travels – London, Paris, Reunion Island – are shot through with the question of the double and of otherness. Evocatively titled – “The Dream Maker”, “Secret”, “Net”, “Position” – they offer gestures of vulnerability, questionings, a touch of fantasy: footballs caught in a net of seashells, patterns from the same footballs painted on hard-shelled fruit, and a plastic bag flying like a flag in the wind.
Sept photographies, 2003-2008
Photos: Blaise Adilon
photo 38/81
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La Sucrière
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