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A girl is covered with a sack before being run over by a runaway car; is drenched with gasoline, then set alight and trampled by her assailants; is wrapped in a blanket and killed with an axe. A delirious frenzy or reality seen through the dilating eye of a badly adjusted camera? Shot with his little sister’s mobile phone, Alan Bulfin’s three films look like a "happy slapping" session gone completely grotesque. All the tricks of amateur moviemaking are used – but by being exposed for what they are: the camera discreetly turns away while the actors hastily replace the young actress with a crude dummy; the same character appears several times in a row, as in a video game; and the tricks used are so laughable as to make the whole thing unbelievable. This, however, is how "Kiling Hur" makes its point: by pitilessly reminding viewers of their role as voyeurs in a world saturated with amateur images.

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Killing Hur, 2007
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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2ème étage
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