La galerie de la Biennale

Reis was immediately struck by La Sucrière’s odd pergola, a geometrical ruin which is, in fact, the remains of an office block once used by the Biennale. A blend of the ridiculous and the elegant, the pergola offers load-bearing columns and walls "redesigned" by the artist with areas of ochre and industrial neon lighting: these simultaneously emphasise and mask the structure’s internal volumes, while also making play with the effect of day/night alternation on its ambience. Cabrita Reis is also showing the site-specific work " The Sleepers " in the Bichat Warehouse.

With the support of Haulotte France / With the support of Ministry of Culture, Portugal/Directorate-General of the Arts.

Le Bureau, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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La Sucrière
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Conception & execution: Inook

Developing: Novius

Design: Donuts




Les partenaires de la biennale

The Biennale of Lyon is a Les Biennales de Lyon event

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