La galerie de la Biennale
Wangechi Mutu’s work for the Biennale covers the entire width of the Sucrière and is in two parts: the first is a stage curtain which protects the second part, a group of garden hoses snaking across the floor beneath light bulbs hung at different heights. Some of the bulbs almost touch the floor, which is soaked by the water leaking out of the hoses through holes plugged with high-heeled shoes. Taken from the neighbouring River Saône and pumped into a pool by a primitive electrical system, the water creates an ongoing cycle, a kind of continuous flow from source to evaporation. Its perversity equalled only by its supreme elegance and intimation of glamour, Mutu’s work speaks of the instant danger that could result, behind the curtain, from the loving contact between water and electricity, between the female symbol of the high heel and the nakedness of the electrical wires.
Wangechi MUTU
Dutty Water, 2007
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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La Sucrière
2ème étage
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Conception & execution: Inook

Developing: Novius

Design: Donuts




Les partenaires de la biennale

The Biennale of Lyon is a Les Biennales de Lyon event

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