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For the Biennale Huang Yong Ping has reinstalled "Tête d’Or", originally created for the exhibition "The Monk and the Demon" at MACLyon in 2004. Built on the roof of the museum and thus overlooking Lyon’s Tête d’Or Park, the work borrows the assemblage techniques used for the framework of a Song Dynasty pavilion. The gold leaf used references an urban legend which has it that in 1853 a Jewish merchant buried a golden head of Christ in the park. "A roof is not necessarily oriented upwards," says Huang Yongping, "just as a head can sometimes be bent downwards…Everything can evolve, change and be reincarnated. Just as a vanished head of Christ can be transformed into a Song pavilion. Only the inherent property of gold neither deteriorates nor alters. The Chinese gold of today and the French gold of yesterday are identical."
Yong Ping HUANG
Tête d'Or, 2004
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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