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Reflecting a deliberate absence of internal hierarchy that allows the devising of startling sound and visual worlds, Ha Za Vu Zu sees itself as an effervescent mix of collaborations and exchanges of ideas. The collective’s output is a blend of performance, agit-prop, humour and organisation of mad evening events; and to mark the opening of the Biennale they provided a performance which, with the assistance of fifty volunteers, totally blocked Lyon’s Rue Victor Hugo. In addition, they are presenting at La Sucrière the video and various leftovers from a performance titled "What a Loop", a reconstruction of a play about the cinema they have already performed several times (including for the Biennale opening) in different places and with very different results. The work is based on references to such classic movie clichés as vampire attacks, kisses and "typical Hitchcock" shots, complete with people throwing themselves to the ground in terror at the approach of an aeroplane. Clichés pared down to the point of absurdity, then – the dominant notion in everything the Ha Za Vu Zu collective undertakes.

With the support of the Turkish Season in France (July 2009-March 2010).

What a loop, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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