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Robert Milin works on the principle that the ordinary is invisible, that it holds the key to the poetic, but that it is lost the moment we attempt to study it. And so we must let things and people go about their business, approaching them empathetically, unaffectedly. It is through the tiniest details that he reveals the intensity of interpersonal relationships. For Veduta and the Biennale he used a residency in Lyon and neighbouring Vénissieux to create a work titled "My Name Means September". Roaming the city, he noted expressions overheard and built them into lightboxes of which seven can be seen in Lyon 8 (60–72 Rue Arrachart, Etats-Unis neighbourhood), three in Vénissieux (Tower 2, Monmousseau-Herriot neighbourhood) and two at La Sucrière. He is also showing two films at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon.
Robert MILIN
Mon prénom signifie septembre, 2009
Photos: Blaise Adilon
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La Sucrière
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